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Tee Ball is an all-inclusive team sport, that is very similar to baseball and softball and  is the perfect game to introduce to young children. Through a combination of simplified rules,  no pitching, and a smaller playing diamond kids can join in on the fun and feel a sense of achievement. On top of that, Tee ball builds essential skills for life, teaching kids the importance of teamwork, respect, kindness, confidence, friendships, communication, and having a positive attitude. Tee Ball strengthens motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and physical ability. But not that it also improves mental health, and enhances creativity and problem-solving. 

To put it simply, Tee ball is the perfect activity for kids to let off some steam and have some fun!

Everything you need to know about Tee ball

Age group

Suitable for boys and girls aged 3-12. No prior experience is required!


Tee Ball teams train for 1 hour after school per week, with a 1 hour game on Saturday morning


Costs differ between clubs but most clubs range between $70- $140 per season


Team equipment is provided including; uniforms, bats, helmets, and balls. Bring along a mitt, a smile, and join the fun.

Season Dates for

Tee ball commences every year at the beginning of Term 4, the clubs break over the school holiday period, resume in Term 1 and finish up in February- March. Dates vary between clubs.

Registrations close around mid-September but keep in mind that each club is different.

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Philosophy of Tee Ball


Kids get to be active, play sport, and make new friends out on the field.


We teach kids the importance of sportsmanship and following the rules.


Kids learn important lifelong skills such as hand-eye coordination, and teamwork!


Parents can volunteer to be involved, as managers, coaches and supporters.

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    Carnivals & Supersquad

    TBAWA holds two carnivals every year. In addition, TBAWA has a Supersquad programme consisting of two teams of the best players nominated by our member clubs.

    Umpires & Coaches

    TBAWA runs Tee Ball focused training courses and accreditation programmes for umpires and coaches to improve and reward those seeking to advance their knowledge within our sport.

    Club Resources

    Helping our member clubs in running and promoting Tee Ball is core to our mission. In addition to training and accreditation of coaches and umpires, we also offer:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tee Ball is an inclusive team sport that is very similar to the game of baseball and is a game that is used to introduce young children to the game through its simplified and modified rules.

    The major modifications include no pitching, hitting the ball off a “tee” of adjustable height, a time limit of one hour and playing on a diamond which is only two-thirds of the senior size. It also incorporates an important rule on the length of an innings to prevent a stronger team monopolising the batting during a game.

    All activities are framed with the desire to achieve the philosophy of Tee Ball, the 4Fs:

    • FUN

    Tee Ball also provides an opportunity for development in ball skills, hand-eye coordination and general confidence, as well as teaching the importance of teamwork while in a fun and inclusive environment.

    Tee Ball caters for boys and girls from ages 3 to 12, of any and all abilities.

    Tee Ball is a very affordable sport. Though each club is different, most Tee Ball clubs are priced at $60-$140 a season.

    This fee includes TBAWA affiliation, insurance, coaching, game fees, team equipment (such as uniforms, bats, helmets, balls, etc.). All your kid needs is to bring their mitt and their A+ attitude!

    Tee Ball is played during Summer from October through to March with a break over the Christmas Holidays.

    As Tee-ball is a Summer sport, all metro clubs start at the beginning of Term 4.

    All clubs break over Christmas as well as the School Holidays, before resuming in Term 1.

    Most clubs will end their season in February-March, with exact dates depending on each club.

    Country clubs run differently depending on climate. For exact dates, please fill up a contact form above and we will get in touch with you.

    As with all sports there is some commitment required. Most clubs will have a one-hour training session during the week after school, as well as a one-hour game on Saturday morning. 

    The opportunity to represent the club and participate in extra training & carnivals is available for players who wish to take their skills to the next level.

    If you have any other questions, please fill up the form above, or email registrar@tbawa.org.au


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    Balcatta Baseball Club                                                                                   

    Batavia Coast Baseball League                                                                  

    Bunbury & Districts Softball Association                                 

    Busselton Tee Ball Association                                                   

    Byford Bushrangers                                                                                                         

    Canning Cougars Tee-Ball Club                                                                    

    Carine Cats Ball Club                                                                                       

    City Beach Tee-Ball Club                                                                 

    Cloverdale Comets Diamond Sports Association                                                                     

    Ellenbrook Easterns Teeball Club

    Exmouth Teeball Club                                                              

    Forest Lakes Ball Club                                                                                     

    Forrestfield Tee/Base/Soft Ball Association                                           

    Goldfields Tee Ball Association                                                                   

    Gosnells Bears Tee-Ball Club                                                                        

    Harrisdale Hawks Tee-Ball Club                                                                  

    Hedland Tee Ball Association                                                                      

    Huntingdale Tee Ball Club                                                                             

    Kalamunda Rangers                                                                                                    

    Kambalda Tee Ball Association                                                                                

    Kardinya Red Sox Ball Club                                                                         

    Karratha Dampier Teeball Association                                                     

    Kelmscott Baseball Club 

    Melville Mariners (East Fremantle) Tee-Ball Club                      

    Morley Eagles Baseball Club Tee-Ball Section                                       

    Nannup Tee-Ball Association                                                                      

    Newman Tee Ball Association                                                                     

    North Coast Ball Club                                                                                     

    Ord River Teeball Club                                                                                    


    Peel Diamond Sports                                                                                      

    Perth Cubs Tee-Ball Club                                                                               

    Rockingham Raptors District Tee-Ball Association                               

    Roleystone Tee Ball and Baseball Club                                                     

    Secret Harbour Pirates District Tee Ball and Baseball Association                 

    South Thornlie Redsox Teeball Club                                                          

    Stirling Apache Teeball Club                                                                         

    Swan Districts Tee-Ball Association                                                           

    Thornlie & Districts Tee Ball Association                                                 

    Tom Price Tee Ball Association                                                                   

    Wanneroo Joondalup Tee Ball Club                                                                                                                      

    Wembley Tee-Ball Association                                                                    

    Wickham Teeball Association                                                                      

    Willetton Teeball Baseball & Softball Club                                             

    Woodlands Tee-Ball Club                                                                              

    Yale Tigers Tee Ball Club                                                                                

    Yangebup Knights Junior Ball Club