Training and Accreditation


Level 1 Umpire Accreditation Clinics

There will be around 10 Level 1 metro clinics, these clinics will be hosted by clubs spread around the metro area. The dates and venues can be found on the Umpiring Clinics Page of this website. All dates will be posted by August.

Level 1 clinics will consist of a 30 minute theory lecture and a two and a half hour practical training session. Participants are also required to watch a 75 minute video before attending a course. This video is to be watched by Metro participants only, as Country clinics have this video presented on the day of the clinic.

Participants must be in attendance and ready to start by 8.30am. Clubs will be charged $40 for each participant.

This is to cover the Rule books, Umpires Manual, Umpire ‘green’ shirt, and Accredited cap.  For non attendance without cancellation (2 days prior) clubs will be charge $10. Metropolitan area course booking are only available through the online booking system.

Level 2 Exams

Level 2 theory exams will be will be available as an online exam, a 100% pass mark is required. As a prerequisite you must attain Level 1 first. To Log in to the Level 2 Umpire Exam, send an email to the Chief Umpire ( requesting a username & password. Please make sure you have tested yourself on the on-line quiz several times before (one login request will give you three attempts).

Clubs are charged $35 for each successful exam participant. Your club will be notified when you pass.

Upon successful completion of the level 2 exam you have up to three attempts in 12 months in which to complete your practical examination. Bookings for a practical examination MUST be emailed to